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Archive Ambassadors

The EA Digital Archive is grateful to have individual supporters in the EA profession who feel compelled to help support and grow the Archive. 

Archive Ambassadors are persons who are passionate about the profession and who have agreed to help promote the Archive in meetings, conferences, and other relevant opportunities.​

If you would like to serve as an Archive Ambassador, please feel free to contact us!

Drs. Jodi Frey and Patricia Herlihy sincerely thank all of the ambassadors for their continued commitment to the Archive.

Archive Ambassadors

Dirk Antonissen
Mark Attridge
Brenda Blair
Dotty Blum
Dan Boissonneault
K. Darrow Brown
John Burke

Tamara Cagney
Rick Csiernik
Cecile Currier
Tom Delaney
Greg DeLapp
Bernie Dyme
Renee' Evans

Steve Garnham
Jeff Gorter
Stan Granberry
Kathleen Greer

Nicole Hanratty
Heather Healy

William Hudock
Daniel Hughes
Paulette Hubbert

Kaoru Ichikawa
Mike Jacquart
Daryl C. Joseph

Heather Kaufman
Paul Kurzman
Maria Lund
Paul Maiden

Dale Masi
John Maynard
Bryan McNutt
Tracy McPherson
Marc Milot
James O'Hair

Amina Özelsel
Ian Quamina 
John F. Quick
Diane Sanders

Boyd Scoggins
David Sharar
Nicole Stelter
Timothy Stockert
Chester (Chet) Taranowski
Lourie Terblanche
Libby Timmons
Sandra Turner

Bob VandePol
Barb Veder
Mike Webb
Charlie Williams

Jim Wrich
Kathy Young

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