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The University of Maryland’s Employee Assistance Digital Archive is a unique repository of EAP literature. Years ago, Drs. Jodi Frey and Patricia Herlihy originated the idea of a single location for relevant, historical, and important EAP literature. Since that time, the EA Archive has grown to include books, articles, videos, and a vast collection of documents from the field. Students, as well as contemporary EAP authors, use the EA Archive as a valuable resource. This institutional imprimatur by the prestigious University of Maryland gives the EA Archive an even higher profile. Most important, the EA Archive is free and open to everyone. I recommend to all of my U.S. and international students that I teach in my online EAP certification course at the University of Maryland that they access the EA Archive for research and general learning purposes. For future generations, this tool will continue to increase in value as a historical reference as well as serve as a host for current EAP.

Dr. Dale A. Masi Ph.D., LCSW-C, CEAP

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